5 Reasons to Get MiraDry Treatment

Call it what you like—perspiration, glowing, or plain old-fashioned sweat—everyone does it and it is important for your health when out in the heat, but there is such a thing as sweating too much. Called hyperhidrosis, patients suffering from this disorder don’t just have sweat stains under their arm pits in stressful situations; their entire shirts may become sopping wet. On hot days or cold, in stressful times or not, hyperhidrosis can make the life of sufferers miserable and depressing, but thanks to the miracles of modern medical technology and the invention of MiraDry treatment, our patient’s lives are about to change. Here’s a list of the top five questions about the MiraDry procedure.

Why Should I Consider a MiraDry Treatment?

If you’re tired of paying for expensive antiperspirants that may or may not work, leave stains on your clothes, and keep you from living your life to the fullest, MiraDry treatment may be the answer for you.

How Does It Work?

The doctor will use a non-invasive device that targets the sweat glands in the arm pits with an electromagnetic energy, destroying the glands and eliminating the perspiration issue. Done on an outpatient basis, the patient feels nothing more than a tingling sensation, as a local anesthetic will have numbed the area in advance. Because there are over two million sweat glands in the human body, the loss of a few in your armpit won’t cause any danger to your health.

How is MiraDry Life Changing?

When was the last time you raised your hand in class to answer a question or headed into a job interview with confidence? Before you go into a situation where you are about to meet someone new, do you consider not going for fear that your excessive sweating will cause odors that will embarrass you? Imagine being able to go into every situation with confidence, raising your hand easily, and never fearing the pit stains that are an every day part of your life; MiraDry really can change your life!

What is the Recovery Period Like?

Because the procedure is a minimally invasive one, not only will there be little to no pain, depending on your normal life activities, it is unlikely you will have much downtime and will be able to report to work immediately after you have had the MiraDry treatment.

How Long Will It Last?

Here’s the best part: MiraDry treatment results will last the rest of your life, although you may initially need more than one treatment. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment to further discuss how the Skin and Vein Center and the MiraDry procedure can change the rest of your life!

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