5 Reasons to Get Botox Cosmetic Lip Enhancement

Many people are considering lip enhancements and other similar botox cosmetic procedures. Others may be wondering if these enhancements are right for them. We are often asked about this simple procedure, so here is a look at the top five reasons lip enhancements may be right for you.

You Have Thin Lips that Disappear When You Smile

Many of us find that our genetics have given us thin lips. This can include a thin upper or lower lip, or even both! With lip enhancements and fillers, you can even out those lips and give them that full, lush, pouty look you desire.

You Are Aging, and Your Lips Have Become Less Full

Often, as we age, our lips lose volume. Additionally, we may experience fine lines and wrinkles around our mouth and nose, causing us to look less than youthful. Dermal fillers used for lip enhancement will add volume to the lips, along with smoothing out those lines and wrinkles.

Your Thin Lips Cause You to Be Self-Conscious

In many case, your lips are the first thing people notice. If your lips are thin or nearly non-existent, this can lead to feelings of self-consciousness. Many try to enhance the lips through the use of lipstick; however, this can often just draw more attention to the thinness. With lip enhancement, you will get those full lips that will give you a high sense of confidence, and now when you apply that lipstick, it will be to draw attention to those full, plump lips.

Fuller Lips Will Add Balance to the Overall Look of Your Face

Often, those with thin lips may experience the look of an unbalanced face. We all want to have a balanced look to our face, and having thin lips can throw off that overall balanced look. When you undergo lip enhancement to give you full lips, your overall face can look more balanced, as your lips now match your other facial features, such as your cheeks and brows.

Fuller Lips Bring a Sign of Good Health and Youth

Because our lips are so central to our facial features, when you have full lips, you will exude a look of youth and good health.

At Skin and Vein Center, we understand that there are many different reasons you may be seeking this procedure. We invite you to schedule a consultation where we will sit down and discuss your desired results and options. Contact us now!

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