5 Myths About Liposuction & Does Liposuction Work

Does liposuction work? Liposuction, as with most cosmetic procedures, was initially only sought by the wealthy, but has since become common among the general population due to increasingly safer methods and a reduction in overall cost. Though the procedure itself has become more common, there are still some misconceptions about liposuction procedures that confuse many people. Let’s take a look at 5 liposuction myths.

Liposuction Is a Quick Obesity Fix

Liposuction should not be looked at as a solution to greater weight loss struggles. In fact, losing a lot of weight from the body at once would be very dangerous to the body. Liposuction is intended for patients who are within around 20 pounds of their ideal weight and have stubborn fatty areas to treat. It’s also important to note that liposuction results will only last if patients maintain a healthy diet plan following their procedure.

Liposuction Can Be Used as a Substitute for Exercise

Liposuction is only a one-time cosmetic procedure and can in no way take the place of regular, proper diet and exercise efforts which are essential for the health of the body. Those who are not already engaged in a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular physical activity, would likely not be suitably healthy candidates for this procedure.

Liposuction Is for Women

Though the majority of liposuction candidates over the years have largely been women, men are no less suitable as candidates for this cosmetic procedure. Over the years, men seeking liposuction have made up 1/3 of liposuction procedures conducted each year.

Liposuction Is Dangerous

When liposuction procedures first came on the scene, the only option was to undergo a serious, invasive surgical liposuction. However, today there are many modern methods that are minimally invasive and use new technologies that limit risk for infection and error while greatly cutting back on downtime post surgery. So long as a patient seeks out a professional, well-experienced surgeon who has performed plenty of successful liposuctions over the years, their chances of having a smooth experience are all the better.

Liposuction Is Expensive

With the advancements in liposuction surgery technology, not only is the risk factor decreased, so is the overall cost of these procedures. Many doctors are also willing to offer financial payment plans to assist their patients and because there is a lot of competition among plastic surgeons, the costs for procedures is also competitive, making the procedure much more attainable. Contact us now.

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