3 Things You Didn’t Know About the Skin

Our skin grows with us throughout our lives, but most individuals know very little about it. Take a look below at a few things you may have not previously known about the skin and how it works:

Three Layers to Our Skin

If you have ever cut yourself on accident you have probably seen other, lighter colored skin tissue below the cut. This is because our skin tissue is made up of three separate layers instead of just a single layer. You will find your outermost layer, also called the epidermis, to be the part of our skin we see every day. This layer is critical in protecting our bodies from the environment. The second layer down, known as the dermis, is the largest part of our skin, making up the majority of the tissue. The innermost layer we call the subcutis is the layer that retains our collagen that allows our skin to be flexible and better retain shape.

Scar Tissue is Found Under the Top Layer

Now that you know more about the different layers of your skin, you may be surprised to learn that visible scar tissue is not from the epidermis. Instead, scars are created when our dermis has been damaged. The collagen in the dermis is not shed and replaced when it becomes damaged like other skin tissue does. Damage to our epidermis will most likely result in your skin growing back showing zero scar tissue. Once scar tissue has formed in the dermis it is unable to regrow hair or be replaced by newly formed skin tissue.

Maintains Our Internal Temperature

Skin is not just important to protect our body from the elements but also to regulate our bodies. The blood vessels in our bodies widen once we become overheated, allowing the heat to escape through our skin. The blood vessels will instead shrink when we become cold to prevent heat from leaving the body. Making sure to keep your skin healthy will help you better regulate your body temperature.

Skin Care is Always Important

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