Many people don’t realize that men can have hormonal imbalances that are similar to those experienced by women. However, most men will reach a point when they are in fact experiencing an imbalance of hormones that can lead to some not-so-pleasant symptoms. As a man reaches mid-life, the production of testosterone decreases. With most men, they undergo a slow decrease or decline in testosterone production throughout their life, and then experience an extreme, abrupt drop. This is a sign of andropause—essentially the male version of menopause. As the body’s hormone levels decrease, men may experience symptoms of andropause that can include: • Depression • Lack of sexual drive/impotence • Loss of Memory • Irritability • Anxiety • Weight gain • Osteoporosis • Muscle loss

Treating Andropause with SottoPelle®

Andropause and lower testosterone levels can be treated effectively using SottoPelle® — a unique bioidentical hormone therapy. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses synthetic hormones that are identical, on a molecular level, to those created by the body. Some hormone replacement therapies use injections, patches or creams, and these can prove to be short lasting. Additionally, some of these delivery systems for hormones can cause surges or drops in the hormones. SottoPelle® bioidentical hormone therapy uses a delivery system that is one of the safest and most effective. SottoPelle® uses a tiny pellet that is injected just under the skin. The dosage and type of bioidentical hormone is identified using a precise testing and assessment process that will give patients just the right amount of hormones. The testing/assessment process, along with the pellet delivery system will ensure that you receive the right amount of hormone that is released in a balanced manner. SottoPelle® for men will help alleviate hormonal imbalances for up to six months.

SottoPelle® for Men from the Skin & Vein Center

At the Skin & Vein Center, we understand how beneficial hormone therapy can be to both men and women. We also know that each individual is different and we understand that hormonal imbalances can be a sensitive subject. When you choose Skin & Vein Center for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, we will evaluate your case to establish the best treatment or therapy to get you back to feeling your very best. If you want more information, please give us a call today to schedule a consultation, during which we will explain this exciting hormone therapy and help determine if it is right for you.

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