A commitment to dedicated skin care is the first step towards ensuring your skin looks its best over the course of an entire lifetime. Skin does an astounding job of protecting us and as a result, is often the first line of defense against harsh exterior factors such as UV rays that can damage and weaken skin over time. Actively pursuing a skincare plan that strengthens and nourishes skin regularly is a pathway to achieving a smoother, more youthful look for years to come. Instead of picking and choosing products and services at random, make the choice to become a member of Skin Fitness. This comprehensive program provides members with a series of professional treatments that are tailored towards keeping your skin at its very best.

Skin Fitness is Carefully Selected and Convenient

Members participating in Skin Fitness will enjoy receiving 12 professional treatments that can be scheduled any time throughout the course of an annual membership period. For members, this means the days of frantically trying to make room on the calendar for skin care are gone. Instead, take time to fit treatments into a manageable and personalized schedule that ensures you receive the treatments your skin needs on a timeline that works for you. These services are carefully selected by renowned Board-Certified dermatologists and target those issues and concerns that affect nearly all skin types. Whether you suffer from dry, oily or sun-damaged skin, joining Skin Fitness means taking a proactive approach towards rectifying and repairing the skin you’re in.

A Versatile Package

Membership begins on the date of first treatment service with plenty of options to choose from. Members can pick and choose from five exclusive services that focus on skin health and rejuvenation. From tightening treatments to those services that increase overall glow, members make the most of professional options that place a priority on skincare. Advanced Laser Technology, Micro-Needling, Perfect 10 Peel, Hydrafacial and Thermismooth Face are all available to members who join Skin Fitness. Members can stick with a favorite and most effective treatment option throughout their membership or combine services that treat a variety of skin issues. Where Advanced Laser Technology treatments renew skin, Hydrafacial is loved for its refreshing results. While Micro-Needling is often selected for its ability to rejuvenate and tighten the skin in a targeted area, the Perfect 10 Peel is an ideal option when you’re looking to brighten skin tone and soften texture. Looking to smooth and tighten facial skin simultaneously? Thermismooth Face is a non-invasive approach that keeps members renewing year after year in the name of increased collagen production.

While all five treatment options provide dramatic and pleasing results, beyond these services members can enjoy 10% off skin care products to keep rejuvenation top of mind at home. Contact the Skin & Vein Center today to secure your Skin Fitness membership.

*Individual Results May Vary