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The signs of aging are hard for most people to accept. New lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin can take a youthful appearance that has been enjoyed for years and cause a person to look much older than they feel. An increase of wrinkles around the mouth and eyes can make a face look tired and weary as skin loses volume and elasticity and gravity takes its toll. Thankfully, there are many injection-based skin treatments that are available today which can help alleviate the appearance of these unwanted lines and wrinkles.

Radiesse® is quickly becoming one of the top choices for cosmetic surgeons who serve thousands of people looking to erase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Radiesse® fillers are able to treat even deep wrinkles, including “cigarette lines” and “marionette lines” that form along the sides of the mouth. This filler is also relied upon to treat sagging skin around the eyes and the fines lines around the lips.

Benefits of Radiesse® Treatments

There are many benefits to Radiesse® as a filler option. Some of these benefits include:

  • Timeliness – Radiesse® treatments typically don’t take much longer than a brief 15-minute visit in our office.
  • Local Anesthesia – A general anesthesia is not required, only a mild local anesthetic.
  • Non-Toxic – Radiesse® is not harmful to the body.
  • Non-Allergenic – Patients will not experience any allergic reactions to Radiesse®.
  • Biocompatible – Radiesse® gel contains only natural compounds that are found within the body.
  • Long-Lasting – Radiesse® fillers can last as long as two years before another treatment session is required, making them a great option for patients looking for real results with little maintenance.
  • No Downtime – Radiesse® patients are able to resume their normal activities as soon as their session is complete. The only recommendation is that patients avoid direct sunlight on treated areas for at least a few days, and a mild pain reliever may be prescribed.

Schedule a Consultation

If you’ve already tried your hand at topical skincare products, including plenty of creams and ointments, and are finally looking for something more substantial to treat your lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin, consider a Radiesse® filler treatment to rid yourself of those unwanted signs of aging. Start by giving us a call at the Skin & Vein Center today to set up a consultation. We’ll gladly discuss all your questions and concerns so that you can move forward with a procedure that will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

*Individual Results May Vary