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How To Prepare For A Michigan Liposuction Procedure by Michigan’s Skin & Vein Center

If you plan on undergoing a Michigan liposuction procedure through Skin & Vein Center, these tips will give you some things to keep in mind while preparing for liposuction surgery.

benefits of liposuction

Schedule a Pre-Evaluation and Start Preparing for Liposuction

Here, you will sit one-on-one with an expert surgeon who will take a look at your medical history, your goals, as well as what benefits of liposuction to expect, before, during and after the surgery.

During this visit, there are some key issues that you may want to address with your doctor, including:

1. What’s The Cost?

This is a big topic, because each patient will have a different budget. The rate is subjective, and it depends on the area you’re treating, as well as which procedure you will choose. This is why the pre-evaluation is a necessary step in the process. Fortunately, there are financing options available in most cases, with CareCredit.

2. What About Additional Costs?

When undergoing any type of medical procedure, patients may be wary of surcharges like facility fees. At the Skin & Vein Center, our costs are transparent and provided to you during the initial consultation. Our patients can expect no surprises where cost is concerned.

3. Where Is the Liposurgery Performed?

At the Skin & Vein, Michigan Liposuction Center, no hospitalizations or overnight stays are required. Instead, all procedures are performed here at our center – same day in, same day out.

4. What Type of Anesthesia is Used, If Any?

We use tumescent techniques, which are considered to be a safer alternative to general anesthesia.

5. What Other Techniques Are Used?

To speed up the process, lower the risks, and do so without compromising safety, we introduce laser technology, which is a new and improved method for breaking down fat cells much faster. The result is less damage to the surrounding tissue, less discomfort, and a faster recovery from liposuction.

6. Where Can Liposuction be Performed?

The technique can be applied to just about any body part, and the most popular include the abdomen, the inner and outer thighs, the cheeks, knees, ankles, flanks and waist. We can also explore any trouble spot not mentioned here.

7. Is Liposuction Safe?

The procedure comes with serious risks and complications, and it’s common to feel pain after the procedure. Make sure you’re a good candidate for liposuction and don’t forget to discuss it with your doctor.

At Skin & Vein’s Michigan Liposuction Center, we can help you fit in those jeans – despite your genes. We have an exceptional surgeon and support staff to give you the results you crave.

To schedule a consultation, and change your life once and for all, call us. We also check your recovery from liposuction through follow-up sessions, allowing you to keep your peace of mind and let you enjoy the benefits of liposuction.

*Individual Results May Vary