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Flanks Liposuction, Abdominal Liposuction, Calf Liposuction, and More!

It’s safe to say that liposuction is safe and effective on virtually all types of body parts. With advances in the procedure, as well as some of the most experienced liposuction doctors on call, liposuction has become nearly a sure thing in the cosmetic surgery world.

Fortunately, at the Skin & Vein Center, we welcome all inquiries for liposuction -abdominal, calf, lower back liposuction, whether you’re a man or woman, new or returning patients, or have concerns about where the technique can be applied.

Let’s explore some of the top trouble spots tackled at our center, and how you too, can benefit from our safe and effective laser lipo services:

back fat lipo


  • Abdominal Liposuction – these are two separate localized zones, and all too often we hear that even with diet and exercise, the bulge or muffin top still remains. We can help to trim the fat that may be persistent due to genetics or other factors.
  • Love Handles Liposuction Procedure – you can finally achieve a slimmer waistline with the beauty of liposuction. We incorporate laser technology to break down fat faster, as well as to get more volumes of fat with each procedure performed. Of course, safety is always a priority.
  • Flank-Lower back Liposuction – are you self-conscious to bare your back section? Now you can make a change by getting rid of flanks or flabs that may appear unattractive. The benefit of flank liposuction is that these popular spots can be directly targeted. Back fat lipo is an easy way to get rid of unnecessary fat and ensures that you get a slim and firm back.
  • Inner and Outer Thighs – once again, these are two distinct zones for liposurgeons to work their magic. It is possible to get a slender thigh and even a gap with our help.
  • Cheeks – while many patients want to boost fat volume in the cheeks, others suffer from the extreme: too much fat. This could be due to pregnancy, weight gain, or simply genetics. We can strike the right balance by giving you the look you want to achieve.
  • The Hips – do your hips feel disproportionate with the rest of your body? Do you feel uncomfortable while shopping for two different sizes? We can help you achieve a more feminine silhouette, by sculpting fat with hips liposuction.

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