Do you wish you could change your nose, but don’t want to deal with the pain and rehabilitation time of rhinoplasty surgery? A new, practically painless injection procedure that has swept through the dermatological and plastic surgery communities like wildfire: the liquid nose lift. Those who are familiar with cosmetic injections may question the longevity of such a procedure, as in many cases injection results are temporary, lasting between three months to two years before they have to be redone. Can there really be a relatively painless, long-lasting nose job procedure that you can have done during your lunch break? The answer is yes.

What Exactly Is a Liquid Nose Lift?

A non-surgical nose job consists of injecting filler to smooth out existing nasal features, such as bumps and droopy nose tips, among others. In the procedure, areas of the nose are first injected with Voluma, an FDA-approved temporary filler of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance in the skin that decreases with age. The injections fill in areas of the nose, such as a bumpy or crooked bridge, creating the illusion of a perfectly straight nose. Voluma last approximately a year and a half, and can be administered in one 15-minute session. If the patient desires a more permanent procedure, you will need to come back after the Voluma has worn off for a series of injections (usually three sessions) with a collagen-based filler called Bellafill. The results of the Bellafill injections last for years.


Are You a Candidate for a Liquid Nose Lift?

Most people who seek non-surgical nose alterations have a pronounced bump on their nose; however, the procedure is also successful for correcting droopy tips and mildly crooked noses. Believe it or not, a widening of the nose caused by scar tissue can be remedied with this procedure. A small amount of steroid is injected into the scarred area, causing the scar tissue to subtly and permanently shrink. There are situations that cannot be corrected with injections, though. Large noses, extreme bumps, and broken noses must be corrected with traditional rhinoplasty.

What Are the Risks?

If you are considering a non-surgical nose job, you want to be sure that the doctor is well versed in the procedure and has a good track record. Any type of injection procedure carries the risk of bleeding, swelling, and bruising. The blood supply to the nose is particularly sensitive and just the right amount of filler must be used; too much filler can cut off the blood supply to the skin. Generally, injections are safe if administered correctly, and in some cases soreness or bruising may last up to a week. Most people who get a liquid nose lift report that it’s nearly painless, and literally will have the procedure during their lunch break and go right back to work.

*Individual Results May Vary