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The Mini FaceLift that is Sweeping the Nation!

The Hour Lift is the #1 mini facelift across the country, and we can prove it! Come in for a FREE Consultation and you will see how you can look up to 10 Years Younger in ONE HOUR!

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The Hour Lift Family of MINI FaceLifts

The amazing Hour Lift was pioneered by Dr. Eric Seiger, a Board Certified Dermatologist & Dermatological Surgeon, at Skin and Vein Centers in Michigan, over 30 years ago. He has performed over 7,000 procedures at three locations - Fenton, Sterling Heights, and Livonia. People travel from all over the country (and foreign countries) to have this procedure done.

The Original Hour Lift

The HourLift procedure takes between one to one and a half hours, during which, an incision is made in front of the ear to the frontal hairline. The surgeon will then tighten the muscle with a special suture that will keep the patient’s skin-tight for 5-10 years. The surgeon will lift the muscle under the skin, and tighten the skin and remove any excess skin producing a more youthful, wrinkle-free appearance. Traditional sutures are used to close the skin.

Hour Lift Plus

Our most popular procedure is just for you if you desire a tightening of the neck for an overall more youthful appearance. The HourLift PLUS combines the HourLift and a Neck Lift. A neck lift is an additional procedure done at the same time to target problematic areas around the chin and neck treating loose, sagging skin. Neck lifts also can eliminate fat deposits, removing a double chin.

Hour Lift Ultimate

For those candidates looking for a complete refresh, the “Ultimate” includes the HourLift, Neck Lift, and it adds a very unique and specialized technique for restoring volume to your face using natural fillers. When you restore volume to your face, you are “reinflating” your face to a more natural, youthful shape. The results can be very dramatic bringing tremendous joy and satisfaction to our patients who elect this option.

How it works

Dr. Seiger conducts the procedure in-office. You will experience little-to-no downtime, and the natural results could last up to 10 years!


See what our patients are saying!

“I don’t want to look 20 years old again. I just want to look in the mirror and be able to look as good as I feel inside. I want to feel refreshed.”

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The Hour Lift FAQ

The Hour Lift is a less-invasive surgical procedure done by making small incisions around the hairline to help lift your face and correct sagging skin, and it only takes an hour or two of your time to get it done!

Yes, the HourLift is customizable based on each patient's unique needs. This customization allows us to accent each patient's specific features.


All three of the HourLift procedures are done in-office, under local anesthetic. This makes the procedure much safer than plastic surgery facelifts done with general anesthesia.
The HourLift is a long-term mini-facelift that lasts between five and 10 years. In our HourLift Ultimate, the use of fillers does require regular touch-ups. The frequency of touch-ups depends on which type of fillers are used.
Healing time can vary by patient, however, the HourLift has an overall shorter recovery time than plastic surgical facelifts. Ice garments should be worn for 24-48 hours and sutures will be removed in seven days. The typical recovery time is three days.
The prices have been cut to $2,900 for the mini facelift. A full facelift will cost between $6,000 and $15,000 — depending upon the scope of the procedure. Contact us today to learn more about pricing!

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The Original Hour Lift

Hour Lift Plus

Hour Lift Ultimate

See what People are Saying around the World!

"He is very professional and concerned about the welfare of his patients. The office staff was friendly and made you feel comfortable. The procedure was quick and painless, recovery was easy and monitored well by the doctor I highly recommend Dr. Seiger and would go back for additional procedures if I thought it necessary."

Andree R. Patient of Hour Lift

" I had a mini lift done by Dr. Seiger. One week after the procedure, I can see very good results, very natural looking. Very pleased, specially since I already have had a similar procedure, 9 years prior, by a very well advertised place. Comparing both, I can say Dr. Seiger's is superior, and on top of that, his staff has been very helpful. My thanks to Tanya, his nurse, who was very kind. Will definitely go to him again for any other procedure."

Beatrix W. Patient of Hour Lift

"I have been going to Dr. Seiger for a few years and he has been consistently skillful, professional, friendly, and all that I could want in a doctor. My results have been great every time. I have recommended my friends to Dr. Seiger and they are all impressed with his skill-level and friendly professional manner. His staff are all wonderful, too. I will see Dr. Seiger many times in the future - the best yet - I think he sets the bar."

Nada F. Patient of Hour Lift

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