As we begin to age, we may experience symptoms of hormone imbalance as the body begins to change. These indicators can include depression, weight gain, fatigue, muscle loss, hot flashes, and mood swings. These imbalances are usually associated with life milestones such as menopause and andropause.

If you are experiencing hormonal imbalance symptoms, such as those caused by menopause hormone levels that are in flux, it is probably time to determine if hormone replacement therapy can help. Today, one of the primary and best types of hormone replacement therapy is the use of bioidentical hormones.

What are Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are structurally identical replicas of those produced by the body. These types of hormones are created using natural occurring sources, such as plants, that are processed to become bioidentical to natural hormones.

Both men and women can benefit from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), and there are several different methods of administration, including pills, creams, patches, and pellets. While many people may be prescribed pills as a hormone delivery system, we at Skin and Vein have found that pellets are far more beneficial.

During pellet therapy, a BHRT pellet is injected just under the skin. The pellet, the size of which is smaller than a grain of rice, then releases small doses of the hormones in a very consistent basis. These pellets mimic the hormonal action of healthy ovaries or testicles.

Benefits of Pellet Therapy

One of the main benefits of pellets is that they can eliminate or lessen the “roller coaster” effect that can cause mood and energy fluctuations. This effect is often associated with oral medication/pills, creams, and patches. It is also low maintenance, as the pellets, once inserted, will last a longer period of time—between four to six months—and there are no risks of missing doses.

BHRT Side Effects

The side effects of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy are few. Bioidentical pellets side effects can include mild acne or facial hair growth, and some may experience hair thinning. All of these mild bioidentical hormone side effects are minimal in comparison to other delivery methods.

Through BHRT pellet therapy, patients can experience many benefits, including relief from menopause or andropause symptoms, improved libido, increased energy, and more. If you are interested in more information about BHRT pellets or other hormone therapies, please contact us at the Skin and Vein Center. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing services that will give you the best outcome.