Are You A Good Candidate for Laser Restoration Surgery | Laser Skin Treatment
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Laser skin restoration is a cosmetic procedure that is used to diminish signs of aging and sun damage. Numerous people have found value in undergoing laser skin treatment and seen great results. However, administered on the wrong person, the treatment increases the risk of experiencing side effects and can end up worsening the skin’s condition. There are a range of factors that help to determine who the most ideal candidates are, as outlined below.

Skin Type and Tone

It is usually better for patients who are receiving laser skin restoration to have non-oily, elastic skin that isn’t prone to scarring. Those with lighter skin tones are typically a better fit for laser skin restoration. This is because one of the potential side effects is hyperpigmentation in the treated area, which is a darkening of skin color. The less sun exposure, the better the outcome will be as well, no matter how light the original skin color may be.


There is generally no minimum age requirement for starting the laser skin restoration treatment. Patients of all ages are able to take advantage of an enhanced appearance due to the elimination of embarrassing skin problems. Although, it is often recommended that people have already gone through their acne phase so as not to develop scarring after the procedure has already been done several times.

Medical Conditions

As a precaution, anyone with skin conditions, blood flow complications, or immune disorders may be prevented from getting laser skin restoration. This also goes for people with a history of abnormal scarring or fibrosis. Current use of the acne medication isotretinoin will likely require a patient to wait six months to a year before they can have the procedure done.

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