As medical technology evolves and improves, we find ourselves looking back at “stone-age practices” with a shudder. How did we ever survive the cutting and mutilation in the name of beauty? Today, although there are still plenty of times surgical incisions are needed, we try to avoid the cutting as much as possible, looking for noninvasive procedures to help create the looks we want. One of the latest noninvasive procedures is the Liquid Nose Lift. Allowing patients to smooth out bumpy noses, add some height to the bridge, and basically improve the appearance of the nose without invasive surgery, this procedure is fast becoming a popular one. Today, we are going to answer some of the top questions about liquid nose lifts.

What is the Liquid Nose Lift?

It’s a procedure designed to use the same fillers often used in lip implants. The filler is injected into the nose, allowing the patient to have the smoother, smaller, straighter nose they always dreamed of, all without going under the knife.

Is the Procedure Permanent?

It can be, if you want it to be. Generally, the procedure is done with temporary fillers that last for just a few months, but if you like the outcome, there’s a permanent filler that can be used that takes three sessions to perfect and lasts for years.

Is It Safe?

As with any medical procedure, when performed by a licensed, experienced, and skilled professional, such as Dr. Seiger, it is absolutely safe, but if you take your chances and have it performed by someone less skilled, there can be complications, including the potential loss of the tip of your nose.

Does It Hurt?

You may feel the sensation of the needle entering the skin, but the topical anesthetic we use keeps the pain away.

What Kind of Recovery Period Can Be Expected?

This procedure is so gentle, you can literally have it done during lunch and go back to work immediately after. You may have some reddening of your skin, but its generally not much different than a sunburn.

My Nose Has Been Broken Many Times. Am I a Candidate for the Procedure?

Unfortunately, no. While Liquid Nose Lift works for minor bumps, crookedness, and even reducing scar tissue, if your nose is badly damaged, you will have to consider a standard rhinoplasty procedure.

I Still Have Questions, Can You Help?

Of course, we can help! We will not perform this or any other procedure on any of our patients until they are 100% certain this is what they want. Give us a call today and we can schedule a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure and thoroughly answer all your questions.

Dr. Eric Seiger is a board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon who has been offering innovative, expert medical solutions since graduating from New Jersey School of Osteopathic Medicine in 1986. Throughout his career as a leader in the field of cosmetic surgery and enhancements, Dr. Seiger has been frequently published in medical journals for his development of new techniques for the safe removal and treatment of veins.