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The aging process is entirely natural, but sometimes, its effects don’t match up with the youthful energy we feel inside. Over time, collagen and elastin levels in the human body decrease significantly.

Cosmetic Procedures

Dealing with Liposuction Stretch Marks – Liposuction Recovery

Many patients who undergo liposuction may have some expectations that are somewhat unrealistic. This is why it is important that you understand just what liposuction can correct and what it cannot. One

Cosmetic Procedures

Total Lift Face Lift

Though modern medicine and insight into the human body has provided us with a greater understanding on how to slow down the hands of time, our bodies are still susceptible to inevitable

Face Lifts

Dr. Eric Seiger Brings the Revolutionary Y LIFT® to Michigan

Dramatic and Instant Results Cheekbone Accentuation * Jawline Definition * Upper Neck Improvement Dr. Eric Seiger is one of only a few select physicians in the country now certified in the world-renowned,

*Individual Results May Vary