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The traditional facelift has been popular for decades now and tired, sagging skin is given a literal lift, bringing a new vitality and youthfulness to those who undergo the procedure. The main problem with the traditional facelift, however, is that patients could expect a serious operation and lots of downtime to properly heal following the procedure. Today there are lots of before and after photos online showcasing the HourLift facelift, which can provide comparable results to a traditional facelift at a much lesser cost, and without the lengthy time commitment. Read on for more information, and to see our HourLift Facelift before and after photos!

Benefits of HourLift Facelift

The difference between an HourLift facelift and a traditional facelift is that a regular facelift involves actually moving the muscles of the face into a new position while the HourLift facelift simply tightens the muscles in the face. A traditional facelift requires a good two weeks to heal, while an HourLift facelift is generally three days of recovery. Another huge difference between the two procedures is the overall cost. A traditional lift can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $15,000 while an HourLift will cost about half that.

Our Michigan Facelift Procedure

The procedure begins with the administration of a mild sedative and a local anesthetic to numb the face. A small incision is made in front of both ears and then the tissue just beneath the skin’s surface will be carefully lifted upwards. Any extra skin will be expertly taken out and the tightening of the skin will reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  Patients should expect to wear an ice garment on their head for a couple days following their procedure to reduce swelling and bruising.  The results of an HourLift facelift are widely well received. Most patients report looking and feeling five to 10 years younger and the results of the lift can last anywhere between five and 10 years.

Look Younger Fast

The HourLift facelift is a swift, cost-effective way to turn back the clock on age.  At the Skin and Veins Center, Dr. Seiger performs the HourLift facelift with precision and care, leaving patients with a sense of trust and security.  Begin the process today by scheduling an initial consultation with Dr. Seiger to learn how you can benefit from an HourLift facelift. Contact us today to see more face lift before and after photos!
our y lift face lift procedure results
*Individual Results May Vary

*Individual Results May Vary