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Acne, and the scars it leaves behind, has been the bane of teenagers’ existence since the very first teenager noticed that first spot. Numerous special events have been ruined by the sudden outbreak of pimples, and many a teenage girl has cried long into the night over the thought that the scars on her face are permanent, but thanks to new updates in acne treatment, scars related to acne may be a thing of the past, and you can finally learn how to remove acne scars. Adults who may have long ago given up on the dream of smooth skin have new hope; read below for a list of frequently asked questions regarding acne scar treatment and care.

What are Acne Scars?

Acne scars are the dark and sometimes swollen pits left in the skin long after the pimple has healed and are divided into four categories according to appearance and cause: ice pick (small pits), boxcar (scars that have sharp edges), rolling (caused by damage underneath the epidermis) and hypertrophic (raised and bumpy because of excess scar tissue under the skin).

How Do People Get Acne Scars?

Surprisingly, all acne scars are NOT caused by picking at the outbreak. The skin on your face is extremely sensitive and if you suffer from extreme bouts of intense inflammation, such as what often occurs when you have cystic acne, hypertrophic acne scars will be the result.

Are Acne Scars Permanent?

To the relief of teens and adults all over the world, recent developments in the laser world mean the answer to the question “Are acne scars permanent?” is no, severe scarring from acne is no longer permanent.

What Acne Scar Treatment Options are Available?

There are multiple over-the-counter creams that succeed in getting rid of acne scars by “bleaching” the discolored parts, but they don’t take out the pits or take out the scars altogether. Laser acne scar removal uses lasers to clear the skin by smoothing the surface while increasing the production of collagen. Injections involve injecting fillers into the indented areas, while chemical peels take out layers of skin, leaving behind fresh, new-looking skin. And finally, fat grafting is done by removing excess fat from your trouble spots and injecting the fat into the indented area.

Getting Rid of Acne Scars with the Help of the Skin & Vein Center

The cost of getting rid of acne scars ranges between as little as $200 per session (not counting the initial consultation) up to as much as $1,200 per acne scar treatment.

Smooth Skin Can Be Yours

Consult with a dermatologist for more information about all the acne scar treatment options that may be available to you, and start down the path to your future with skin that is clear and smooth. You don’t have to imagine a world where beards and heavy makeup are required to hide the ravages of acne scars, and you no longer need to ask yourself the question are acne scars permanent; the solution already exists and you get to reap the benefits of technology in this new and modern world.

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