Acne Prevention and Acne Treatment in Michigan at the Skin & Vein Center
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Learn How to Prevent Acne

Acne has been the bane of teenagers’ existence since the beginning of time, spoiling special events, bringing about tears, and undermining confidence with its appearance at the most inopportune times. And while it is mostly known as a teen problem, as you age, you may discover acne is your problem once more. It’s not enough to suffer the indignity of wrinkles, gray hair, and back fat; tiny red bumps may start making themselves at home on your face again as your body starts reacting to the hormone changes that come along with menopause and other age-related issues.

The Skin & Vein Center understands your pain, and we can help! Keep reading for some of our best home tips for acne prevention, and if those don’t work for you or your teen, keep reading further for Skin & Vein Center options that will end your acne battle quickly and efficiently.

At-Home Remedies

Keeping your face clean is, of course, one of the key acne prevention tips, but did you know that washing too frequently or using harsh soaps can be detrimental in your battle? It’s recommended you wash your face no more than twice a day and use a mild cleanser for the best results.

Staying out of the sun, keeping your hands away from your face (yes, your mother was right…picking at those pimples can make it worse!) and minimizing the amount of makeup you wear are all helpful tips for fighting the acne battle. Avoiding greasy, fried foods and processed sugars can benefit you as well; load up on fruits and vegetables for healthy skin and acne treatment instead!

Skin & Vein Center Acne Treatment in Michigan

If you have tried all the above to no avail, the Skin & Vein Center can be of assistance. We have Acne Treatment Procedures in Michigan available to you that aren’t over the counter remedies and have been proven to work when all else fails! Professional skincare treatments can be your best friend in acne prevention, especially when you undergo one of our 3 step programs and accompanying products. Clean, control, and clear with our wash, pads, and creams customized to your skin’s sensitivity levels and/or undergo our three-step treatment program that involves microdermabrasion, a chemical peel, and blue/red light treatment; one light kills acne-causing bacteria, the other speeds up the healing process.

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Acne can be depressing, demoralizing, and unsightly. There is no need to suffer in silence any longer! Contact Skin and Vein today to learn more about our Acne Treatment in Michigan procedures, or to find out more acne prevention methods, such as Active FX (CO2) Laser! Already got acne scars? We can help you with that too!

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